10 Best Trondheim Hotels

I only lived in Trondheim for six months, but now it’s a location a continue to return to, so I’ve grown well-acquainted with the Trondheim hotels and lodgings!

Trondheim is a fairly laid back student city, and you can walk to all the big downtown sights and grab the bus or tram wherever else, so if you locate nice accomodation in the city center you’ll be all set.

Trondheim offers several extremely great mid-range and luxury hotel alternatives for travelers, but there are also a few possibilities for folks on a smaller budget.

So I’ve developed this directory of the top Trondheim hotels and lodgings to make your stay in my former home as relaxing and convenient as possible.

Best Budget Hostels & Accommodation in Trondheim

When I initially came in Trondheim I was on a fairly limited budget, but thankfully it wasn’t too difficult to find some reasonable lodging (at least, affordable for Norwegian pricing!).

1.Trondheim Vandrehjem

This hostel is in my old neighborhood, so I actually had a number of people stay here while I lived in Trondheim. It’s incredibly clean and orderly with soft beds, and is the cheapest 4-bed dorm I’ve found in Norway.

It’s approximately a 20-minute walk from the main railway station (or you can get the bus from the station) and you can climb up the hill a bit from the hostel for a very magnificent view over the city. Oh and yeah, the WiFi here is incredibly fast!

2.Best Mid-Range and Boutique Hotels in Trondheim

If you’re visiting Trondheim on a budget but don’t really want to stay in a dorm room (hmm, I’m right there with you!) then there are a few nice mid-range and boutique hotels in Trondheim.

Note: As lodging in Trondheim (and all of Norway) tends to be fairly pricey, mid-range hotel alternatives nearly usually fill up really fast. If you want to receive a fantastic hotel offer book fast!

3.Best Western Chesterfield Hotel

The Best Western Chesterfield Hotel has an outstanding position right downtown – in the center of the retail districts – and 200 meters from the major train station.

Like, you’re not going to find a better hotel location than this in Trondheim, just saying.

It’s also incredibly reasonable, and I really appreciate the vintage hotel design, especially the large leather couches in the lobby — it’s a touch warmer and cosier than sterile uber contemporary hotels.

The breakfast is also pretty nice with typical Norwegian staples like brown cheese and cured salmon.

This is generally my #1 choice for friends coming searching for a cheap mid-range accommodation in Trondheim.

4.Nidaros Pilgrimsgård

This tiny motel is very adjacent to Trondheim’s famed Nidaros Cathedral (don’t worry, you don’t need to go on a pilgrimage to stay here!) and it has a tremendous feeling of history.

It’s also located down the street from Bakklandet, the historic area of wooden buildings and wharfs that is my favorite location in Trondheim. So this is surely one of the finest sites for lodging in Trondheim!

The breakfast buffet offers a vast choice, and the accommodations are simply yet extremely comfortable. I’m genuinely not sure why this bed and breakfast isn’t more pricey — it’s a pretty amazing deal for Trondheim!

5.City Living Schøller Hotel

Located immediately down the street from Trondheim’s main square, the City Living Schøller Hotel is in easy walking distance to all of Trondheim’s important sights including the main train station.

The rooms are huge and there’s even a shared kitchen and laundry, so you can live like a local (and save a lot of money on food — eating out in Trondheim is pricey!).

This one is a really fantastic choice if you want to be able to self cater, plus it seems like a luxury hotel but at a pretty low price (again, I’m not sure why this one is so cheap, but I’m pleased it is!).

6.Best Luxury Trondheim Hotels

Trondheim is a gorgeous coastal city, and it has some genuinely magnificent luxury hotels. And being that hotels and hostels in Norway tend to be more costly than other areas in Europe anyhow, it kind of feels like you may as well splurge a bit on lodging, you know?

7.Britannia Hotel

The Britannia Hotel is hands away the greatest hotel in Trondheim — I don’t think anything else can even compete with it.

First established in 1870, over the years the Britannia Hotel has welcomed many noteworthy visitors including royals from Norway, the UK, and the US (Beyoncé and Jay-Z, of course). In 2019 the hotel had a big restoration, and the inside today is extremely spectacular.

Oh , the breakfast here is wonderful. Plus the breakfast room is lovely! Definitely stay here if you can afford it. Plus it’s actually quite inexpensive considering how high end the hotel is.

8.Scandic Nidelven

Okay, so I’m not normally a fan of Scandic hotels (they’re frequently so awful!) however this one is pretty good! It’s directly near the train station, thus in easy walking distance to the main railway station and down the street from Bakklandet, the nicest part of Trondheim.

The Scandic Nidelven is also a favourite breakfast location even for Trondheim natives, so if you stay here you should certainly take advantage of the great breakfast buffet! It’s really been voted Norway’s Best Breakfast for 10 years straight now.

9.Scandic Bakklandet

I know, I can’t believe I’m adding another Scandic to this list! But this one is incredibly wonderful, and a slightly smaller boutique type hotel.

It’s also located in Bakklandet, which truly is the loveliest section of Trondheim. I don’t know how Scandic managed to take up the two greatest hotel spots in Trondehim, but they did.

From the hotel you get a look across to the historic wharfs which are simply so, so gorgeous!

While the Scandic Nidelven is conveniently near the train station, I think the Scandic Bakklandet has a more nicer site and views, thus it would really be my best option for a luxury hotel in Trondheim.

10.Fun Activities in Trondheim

There are so many wonderful things to do in Trondheim! To get started, consider arranging a bespoke trip with a local guide. You may check prices and availability here.

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