Activities to Participate in in Norway’s Voss, the Nation’s Adrenaline Capital

The Norwegian village of Voss may be reached by car in little over an hour and a half, or by rail in exactly one hour and fifteen minutes, from Bergen.

Voss may not appear like much of a destination on its own, but the landscape that surrounds it is really breathtaking, with snow-capped mountains, raging rivers, and towering waterfalls.

It is not surprising that Voss, which is situated between Bergen, the Sognefjord, and the Hardangerfjord, has developed into a hub for many types of outdoor adventure sports in Norway given its breathtaking natural surroundings.

Both Myrkdalen Fjellandsby and Voss Resort are well-known destinations for skiers and snowboarders in Norway, although Voss is especially well-known for both of these destinations.

In point of fact, a significant number of Norway’s world champions and Olympic athletes have trained in Voss, and Voss has more medals per person than any other city or town in the world.

However, even if skiing isn’t your thing, there is a tonne of other fun stuff to do in this area. In this area, among other things, you may go rafting down one of the greatest rivers in Europe, paragliding, skydiving, kayaking, bicycling, rock climbing, and of course hiking.

Or, if you want something a little less hectic, you can ride the Voss Gondola up into the mountains, which departs from the area just next to the railway station.

I generally recommend that visitors spend a few days in Bergen to become used to Norwegian city life and then drive to Voss to arrange their outdoor activities and excursions out of Voss.

This is because Voss is so easily accessible from Bergen, and you can get there either by car or by rail.

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Voss Waterfalls

You don’t even need to trek for hours in order to get to Tvindefossen because it’s located just next to the motorway close to Voss.

Because this waterfall at 152 metres in height is so attractive and because it is such a famous tourist destination, you should be prepared for some crowds.

Skjervsfossen is a waterfall that is split into two streams and drops a total of 150 metres. It is located on the route that connects Granvin and Voss, which is part of the Hardanger National Scenic Route.

You can take in the beauty of the waterfall from a variety of vantage points thanks to the large parking lot and the several hiking trails that are located in this area.

Voss Gondola

Even if you aren’t planning on skiing, you may pay to ride the Voss Gondola if you want to. The trip is included in the price of all of the ski passes offered in Voss.

It takes around nine minutes to go from 56 metres above sea level to 820 metres above sea level with the Voss Gondola, which departs at the Voss Station.

You may visit Hangurstoppen Restaurant, which is Voss’s largest restaurant and has the best après ski scene, at the very top of the mountain.

You have the option of purchasing your ticket at a ticket machine located at the bottom of the gondola, or you may buy it online here to avoid waiting in line.

Tickets for adults travelling one way cost 305 NOK and tickets travelling roundtrip cost 410 NOK; however, you may also purchase family tickets and day passes.

Kayaking trips around the Naeryfjord with a guide, starting in Voss

There is really no better way to enjoy a fjord than from a kayak, and if you are in the area of Voss, you can join a guided sea kayaking excursion around Nryyfjord, which is one of the most beautiful branches of Sognefjord.

There is literally no better way to experience a fjord. Due to the relative peace and quiet of fjord kayaking, previous kayaking experience is not required.

Voss is home to several exciting activities.

Rafting is a popular activity in Voss, and a whitewater rafting excursion down the Raundal River includes a number of Grade III rapids. This tour is great for both novice and expert rafters since it offers a variety of challenges. Examine this page for up-to-date pricing and listing information.

Voss offers kayaking lessons on the river.

Whitewater kayaking is a great sport to pick up in Voss, and if you already have some experience, you can take your talents to the next level here.

Depending on your skill level, you have the option of enrolling in a course that is either beginner, novice, or intermediate. Examine this page for up-to-date pricing and listing information.

Voss is known for its climbing.

The climbing on Lnahorgi mountain and in Uskedalen, which is located outside of Voss in a fjord valley, is among of the best in Western Norway, and it ranges from easy to difficult. Here you may make reservations for guided rock climbing that is suited to your skill level.

Tandem paragliding in Voss

What could be a more enjoyable way to see Voss than from the seat of a paraglider? Tandem flights with seasoned pilots are available through the Voss Paragliding Club. This is the place where you can learn more and check the costs.


Skydiving is one of the activities that may be done in Voss, which is known as the “adrenaline capital” of Norway.

You may schedule tandem skydives with Skydive Voss here. Skydive Voss is a skydiving company.

You might even check out the indoor wind tunnel at VossVind if you aren’t quite ready to leap out of an aircraft but you are still interested in experiencing that rush of excitement.


The Ekstremsportveko is the largest extreme sports event in the world, and it appears like a lot of wild stuff is going on there.

The event features competitions in a wide variety of extreme sports, such as skydiving, paragliding, cliff diving, kayaking, and rafting, amongst other activities.

The final three days of the event are dedicated to a sort of music festival, which include performances by a large number of musicians not only from Norway but also from other countries.

Food that is traditional in Norway

You may have a taste of the traditional meal known as smalahove, sometimes known as sheep’s head, at the farm that goes by the same name in Voss.

If you find the sheep’s head to be a little too strange for your taste, they also provide other regional delicacies; if you ask me, the sour cream porridge is an excellent choice.

Vossa Jazz Festival

Vossa Jazz is an annual international jazz festival that began in the 1970s and is held in Voss immediately before Easter of each year. This festival is another reason why Voss is so well-known.

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