An Update on My Life

This past weekend, I had the epiphany that I’ve been blogging on a full-time basis for five whole years! And yeah, a lot of things have transpired in the past five years. Since the beginning of 2017, both my life and the entire world seem like they have undergone significant changes.

I am aware that it has been quite some time since I last provided a proper life update. Perhaps the most recent one was when I got Alfie. A little over a year ago, on January 15th to be exact!

The reality is that I have had some regrets about discussing the activities that I’ve been participating in while in Norway, mostly due to the fact that I am so appreciative to be in Norway right now.

It sounds silly to say it that way, but I’ve just been so thankful to be in Norway during this pandemic.

I guess saying it that way feels a lot like saying I’m thankful for not living anywhere else instead, and that doesn’t seem like the best message to be sending out to anyone who is reading my blog from outside of Norway. I apologise for the inconvenience.

I am aware that a lot of individuals have discovered methods to keep on exploring the world despite the current economic climate, but I have been very comfortable being in Norway throughout this period.

I went on one of my most memorable road journeys to Northern Norway, I saw some of Norway’s most picturesque fjords, I finally made it to Rros and Traena, I slept in some of the most unique hotels for viewing the northern lights, and I explored some of the coolest northern lights hotels.

In addition to that, there is the adorable puppy that is currently cuddled up next to me.

In answer to your question, yes, I did get a puppy. I did so for two reasons: the first is that I had always wanted a dog, and the second is that the extended length of time during which I would not be travelling seemed like an ideal chance to finally get one.

Having said that, when I acquired Alfie, I also made the decision that the phase of my life in which I was going to a new country nearly every month was coming to an end. And this gives me a great sense of accomplishment!

I’ve been to a significant portion of the world by this point, and even though there will always be new regions of the earth to discover, I feel like the biggest adventure I’m having right now is figuring out how to travel closer to home and to, well, have a home.

I still don’t know for sure if Troms will be that home, but at the very least, for the time being, I’m putting this whole “home” idea to practise in Troms.

And perhaps I’m realising that home doesn’t have to be a certain location for me to feel comfortable there, since there’s nothing that reminds me of home quite as Alfie does right now.

I joined a dancing studio in Tromso and now have sessions virtually every day. I also take numerous of walks around Tromso with Alfie, frequently as the northern lights dance over us, and I’m enjoying having easy access to so much stunning natural scenery.

Oh, and after what feels like months of arctic night, the sun will finally rise again in Troms in just a few days! To put it another way, I couldn’t be happier to be in Tromso.

It goes without saying that travel plays a significant role in my line of work; nevertheless, as all of my most read articles are related to Norway, it makes more sense for me to write about my excursions across Norway from a commercial standpoint.

The problem is that Norway is still essentially inaccessible to anyone who do not possess the EU vaccination passport since everyone who arrives in the country without that valuable QR code is required to go through quarantine.

Consequently, it is an uncomfortable announcement to make that, in all honesty, I am not in the mood to go outside of Norway right now; rather, I want to travel around Norway. But you can’t!

When it comes to my work, though, I’m sure you’re curious about how things are going because I don’t post as frequently these days.

In spite of the fact that I am still working very hard, I have spent the majority of my time over the course of the past year revising and updating older postings rather than creating new ones.

Over the years, I’ve written hundreds of blog entries, and because to Google, people continue to see those old pieces every day.

This may be a bit embarrassing (and annoying) when the posts are completely out of date, but people still find them owing to Google. As a result, I’ve started bringing them up to date.

It may sound like tedious work, but going over my past travel guides and remembering back on all of the great adventures I’ve recorded here has been so much pleasure. Wow, I truly have travelled to a lot of different locations!

And I believe that on some way I have felt a lot more comfortable taking this time to reflect back on the past, since the future still feels like it is going to be so unpredictable.

This epidemic has the same effect on me as a dense fog that obscures my perspective of my future plans and objectives. It used to be that I was such a huge dreamer, but these days I find that I don’t really think more than a week or two ahead of time. Do you ever experience feelings like that?

I suppose the cumulative effect of all those postponed plans has been detrimental. But I also get the feeling that it’s been beneficial for me to concentrate less on the future and more on the here and now of my life.

It’s possible that it will even assist the dreamer in better appreciating the future when it finally arrives.

Okay, I guess this blog post was just a long and rambling way of saying that I’ve really been enjoying my time in Norway, but I feel sad that it’s still so difficult for people to visit from other countries, and that’s probably why I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately.

Okay, I guess this blog post was just a long and rambling way of saying that I’ve really been enjoying my time in Norway.

Okay, okay, I guess this blog post was just a long And I’m really hoping that won’t be the case for much longer!

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