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  • Where to Stay on a Budget in Norway and How to Find It

    We have discussed the fact that Norway is not quite as expensive as you may believe it to be, as well as the ways in which you may travel throughout Norway without spending a fortune. What about making accommodations, though? I’m so pleased you asked! Although hotels and hostels in Norway are not known for […]

  • Trondheim, Norways 26 fun things to do.

    Trondheim was the first location I lived in Norway, therefore it seems to reason that it is the city in Norway that people most frequently ask me about. At least once a week, someone approaches me for advice on the finest things to do in Trondheim, when to visit, what to see, where to eat, […]

  • 7 Very Norwegian Dishes That Can Be Prepared in Norway for Less Than ten Dollars Each

    I often emphasise the idea that vacationing in Norway does not have to be a costly endeavour (in fact, you can read all of my suggestions for travelling to Norway on a budget right here), and this holds true in regard to the cost of food. Because even while there is a lot of food […]

  • Incredible Norwegian hotels

    We’re all fantasising of travel, and I like to dream big. So I made a list of the top hotels in Norway. Some of these are on my bucket list; others I’ve visited. Several of these hotels are so elite that I doubt I’ll ever visit. Perhaps. Many of them are pricy (though some are […]

  • Find Out What Makes Geirangerfjord, Norway Such an Amazing Place to Visit

    Fjords are a natural phenomenon that were formed as a result of glaciers melting and the resulting water filling up deep valleys. Fjords are considered to be one of nature’s greatest achievements. Geirangerfjord, which can be found in the southwestern part of Norway close to the city of lesund on the coast, is regarded as […]

  • An Insider’s Guide to Some of the Finest Hotels in Tromso

    Since I’ve been living in Troms, I’ve been asked quite a few questions by individuals who are preparing to visit this area. And while I have covered my top choices for things to do in Troms and viewing the northern lights in Troms, I haven’t written much about where to stay in Troms. If you’re […]

  • 10 Best Trondheim Hotels

    I only lived in Trondheim for six months, but now it’s a location a continue to return to, so I’ve grown well-acquainted with the Trondheim hotels and lodgings! Trondheim is a fairly laid back student city, and you can walk to all the big downtown sights and grab the bus or tram wherever else, so […]