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  • Find Out What Makes Geirangerfjord, Norway Such an Amazing Place to Visit

    Fjords are a natural phenomenon that were formed as a result of glaciers melting and the resulting water filling up deep valleys. Fjords are considered to be one of nature’s greatest achievements. Geirangerfjord, which can be found in the southwestern part of Norway close to the city of lesund on the coast, is regarded as […]

  • An Update on My Life

    This past weekend, I had the epiphany that I’ve been blogging on a full-time basis for five whole years! And yeah, a lot of things have transpired in the past five years. Since the beginning of 2017, both my life and the entire world seem like they have undergone significant changes. I am aware that […]

  • After Living Here for One Whole Year, Here Are Eleven Interesting Facts About the Norwegian People

    My last trip abroad was to Norway exactly one year ago, and before to that, I had not flown in any capacity at all. Even though Norway’s borders have been open to certain countries and regions in Europe over the course of the past year, I chose to remain in my home country because the […]