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  • 10 of the Most Incredible Places to Visit in Northern Norway

    Any time of the year is an excellent time to go sightseeing in Northern Norway. It is entirely up to the traveller’ individual preferences. Visitors to the country of the midnight sun have the opportunity to go hiking or fishing at any time of day thanks to the fact that there is daylight all day […]

  • There are six areas in Norway that are particularly stunning.

    Although Norway is primarily recognised for the breathtaking fjords that scar its long Atlantic coastline, the country actually boasts much more amazing scenery, and it is remarkably one of the most mountainous in Europe. Although Norway is primarily known for its fjords, the country also has a lot of other amazing scenery. The stunning areas […]

  • The Top 18 Best Places to Visit in Norway for a One-of-a-Kind Experience

    It’s summertime in Norway right now, which means it’s also peak season for tourists. But, whenever someone asks me if it’s worthwhile to visit Norway during the high season, I always say, “Of course it is!” Norway is a large nation, and just a handful of the most popular spots in Norway become overcrowded during […]

  • Norway’s Top 15 Cities to Visit

    Norway, a place of unparalleled beauty, is intriguing to explore because of its awe-inspiring mountains, breathtaking fjords, and shimmering lakes. Tucked away among these natural treasures, its vibrant cities provide a wealth of sights and activities that visitors are sure to love, with viking village ruins close to magnificent museums and busy pubs. Indeed, the […]


    Because an increasing number of people are inquiring about Norway in a Nutshell, which is widely considered to be the country’s most well-known tour, I can tell that summer will soon be here. This tour can begin in Oslo, Bergen, Voss, or Flm, but no matter where it begins, it always has the same goal: […]

  • Activities to Participate in in Norway’s Voss, the Nation’s Adrenaline Capital

    The Norwegian village of Voss may be reached by car in little over an hour and a half, or by rail in exactly one hour and fifteen minutes, from Bergen. Voss may not appear like much of a destination on its own, but the landscape that surrounds it is really breathtaking, with snow-capped mountains, raging […]

  • 19 Activities in Lesund, Norway – The Most Beautiful Fjord City

    Did I ever mention that before going to Trondheim, I really contemplated moving to Lesund, Norway? It’s one of Norway’s most beautiful cities, with plenty of things to do, and it’s an ideal base for seeing the Norwegian fjords and mountains. How about perfect? In fact, one of the most interesting aspects about Lesund is […]